Online Fundraisers: The Drawbacks and Benefits

November 3, 2014

Americans, like many around the globe, are becoming increasingly accustomed to 24/7 internet access – so much so that many of us feel completely lost if we leave home without a smartphone or other internet-ready device.  Although this may be bad news for the average American, its good news for nonprofits that are interested in holding online fundraisers.

Online Fundraisers: The Drawbacks and BenefitsHere are some of the benefits and drawbacks to consider when hosting an online fundraiser:


An online fundraising campaign allows an organization to easily make contact by email with supporters all over the world, with zero mailing costs.  Those supporters might choose to give only small donations, but if there are many supporters, those donations can still bring in a large amounts of money in a very short period of time.

Plus, since those donations are sent online, the gift acknowledgements and receipts are created immediately and emailed back to the donor.   Because there is no lag in the mailing and banking systems, money raised by an organization or nonprofit is quickly sent out to those in need.


Even though larger organizations and corporations have ready internet access, not all donors might have internet access.  Those folks less likely to have internet access may include the elderly, disabled persons and lower-income Americans.  These groups grow smaller every year as internet usage expands and regular internet users “age.”

Your Online Fundraiser

With so many benefits outweighing the drawbacks, it’s only natural to ask where to turn to next.  When you’re ready to set up an online fundraiser, Bricks R Us will be ready to help with a donor website.  We can:

  • Assist your group by designing your organization’s free donor website.  It allows your supporters to place their orders directly online – linked straight from your organization’s website!
  • Provide your team with information on setting up large displays with a brick array.
  • Help you set up a system for providing souvenir bricks as donor appreciation gifts to your best supporters.

If your organization is ready to hold an online fundraiser, then it’s time to speak with one of our representatives at Bricks R Us.  Our team is ready to help you make it happen today!

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