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We are the only brick engraving company to offer you this free online solution with an easy menu-driven order entry, along with the ability to print detailed reports, proofs and invoices at any time.  Managing orders for fundraising bricks online has never been simpler.

Your Online Ordering System

Enjoy the convenience of free support, free online back-up, and automatic upgrades.

  • Enter brick inscriptions as you sell them or one at a time.
  • Enter donor information (Name, Address, Phone, Email, Amount).
  • Send (editable) form letters (Thank You and Verification) via email to your donors.
  • Print donor reports, proof sheets and invoices.
  • Keep track of your donor payments.
  • Export your donor information to MS Excel.
  • View all past or pending orders.
  • View order details (shipping date, payment received, tracking information).
  • Have multiple people enter information from any computer.
  • Pick your own shipping date.
  • Ticket System Customer Service.
  • Pay for your orders electronically (credit card).
  • Link to your Donor Site.
  • No need to download any programs on your computer.
  • Available 24/7 from any internet connection.
  • Secure server – all pages.
  • iPhone and iPad App

Enter your password when accessing your secure Online Ordering System to enter fundraising bricks as they are sold, or enter your order all at once.  You may also input your donor’s full information such as address, phone number, email address and how much they donated for each brick.

All of this information will appear on the donor information report.  When you are ready to send the order to us, all it takes is one click!  All of your orders will be stored online to review or re-print at any given time.  You can also check the status of your order, track the shipment, and even pay for your order online!

As we give you the best tools at no charge and make our systems work for you, you’ll come to understand why we consider ourselves “more than just your brick engraving company.” At Bricks R Us, we want to create a partnership with you!

Contact us for more information about ordering fundraising bricks online.