Donor Sites for Custom Engraved Bricks

Frequently Asked Questions

Bricks R Us wants to help make your fundraiser using custom engraved bricks a success.  To do this, we provide our customers with the option of creating a Donor Site for their campaigns.  Below you will find a comprehensive list of questions regarding Bricks R Us Donor Sites.  We believe all of your questions will be answered, but if we are missing anything, please let us know by contacting our Web Team.

How do we set up our Donor Site?

First, you will need to register to use our Online Ordering System. Once you have registered and logged into your account, click "Donor Site Request" from one of the menu items listed. If you need assistance with registering, either go to our help section or ask one of our representatives to send you an email on the information our system is looking for.  We also have a Webinar service to walk you through the system.

Do we need to complete all of the questions now?

No; if you do not have all of the information, you can return later to complete the form. Click on “Save My Information: I'll Come Back Later" to return to your form at a later time. When you log back into the Online Ordering System, your page will look the same as you left it.

What will be the URL address of our Donor Site?

All of our donor sites start with; from there, you can decide what
to name your site. If your organization’s name is "Save The Whales," you can have your donor
site URL as "". We recommend keeping the URL as
short as possible. You can confirm the name isn't already taken by viewing our Donor Site
Donate page here. If you plan on advertising before we complete
the site and wish to reserve the name, contact a Bricks R Us representative and he or she will
have our Web Team reserve it. If a Donor Site's URL is not reserved, the name will not be
guaranteed until the site is completed.

Does Bricks R Us provide the URL address of the Donor Site to our Donors?

It's up to you. You have two choices: You can provide the URL to your donors or you can have your donors go to your main website and then provide a link that goes to the site we create (recommended). When our Web Team completes the site, they will attach two pictures that you can use on your Donor Site. The pictures will be of a brick with the writing "Click Here To Purchase A Brick."

Is it possible to not have our Donors go to your site and create a page on our site?

Yes. We will still complete the Donor Site as we always do but we can provide a single line of code for your webmaster to add to a page on your server and it will work just as though they were on our site. You can request this code once the site is completed.  This is called an iframe code.

How long does it take to create the Donor Site?

One week!  We used to have a two week turnaround and charge a $50 fee for a 48 hour turnaround but since our Donor Sites are so popular and are a big asset to our customers, we have pushed this time up so you can start selling that much quicker.

How do we pay for a web rush?

Nothing!  We have removed this fee and now turn all Donor Sites around within a week but if that isn't quick enough due to a function that you will need the Donor Site for, let us know and we will do everything possible to accommodate you.

How do we know when the Donor Site is completed?

In approximately one week from submittal, our Web Team will send you an email advising the site has been completed. In that email, they will provide instructions on how to use the site.

Does Bricks R Us receive the money from our Donors?

No. We do not receive any money until you submit the orders to us. After you submit the orders, we do not require payment until the bricks are going to be shipped. All money paid goes directly to the organization.

Can you accept credit cards for us?

Yes, Bricks R Us Merchant Services acts just like PayPal with the exception the Donor is kept on the site to complete the payment.  We will accept credit card payments for a particular month all monies collected will be paid by the 15th of the following month (minus transaction fees).  Bricks R Us Merchant Services' fees are comparable to PayPal at 3.6% and .43 per transaction.

If we use Bricks R Us Merchant Services, how does that work in regards to payments.

We will collect Donor Site monies for the current month and will transfer those funds (minus transaction fees) by the 10th of the following month.  We will automatically place your funds in the account you specify.  Bricks R Us does not hold any of your money and only receives payment for your order(s) before the bricks are shipped.

If we use Bricks R Us Merchant Services, how do we get Donor Payment reports?

Our customers can log into their account within the Online Ordering System and create their own reports for any time-period.  Report are live so you are able to retrieve up to the minute information.

How do our Donors pay for their brick?

Donors are able to process their payments with a check or credit card. If paying with a check, they will input their check number in the system and receive an address to which they may mail their payment (your address).  If paying with a credit card, they can pay through PayPal, or you can process the credit card payments if you have your own merchant account. 

How does PayPal work?

You create a PayPal account at Paypal. PayPal (and all credit card merchants) charges a percentage of the transaction (usually 3%) plus a transaction fee (usually .30). PayPal allows you to accept all types of credit cards, and the money is deposited in your PayPal account. To receive the money, request it from PayPal. When filling out the Donor Site Request form, there is a field that asks for your login email with PayPal. Please do not provide your password. Bricks R Us has no affiliation with PayPal.

Do we need to change any settings with PayPal to use with your site?

Yes. We have provided instructions here under the Donor Site section (Accepting PayPal).

What if we already have a PayPal account?  Can we use that account with your site too?

Yes. however, you would ignore Step 5 (in the help section above) and keep "Auto Return" off.

Will you answer questions from our Donors?

Yes. We have a live chat button to assist your Donors. We will only provide any information that already exists on your Donor Site and/or how the process works. We do not provide dates of ordering or installation because that process is up to you.

What can I do if I don’t receive a PayPal confirmation of an order placed by a donor?

When we first created the Donor Sites, a record of an order would be generated after the order is paid with PayPal. This is the way most PayPal sites operate. However, there were concerns of donors paying for the order through PayPal, but not returning to the Donor Site to complete their brick order. Thus, organizations would receive a PayPal confirmation of purchase, but not an order confirmation. 

Due to the above, we changed the recording to occur before the donor is sent to PayPal. You will be able to see a record of everyone who’s processed an order through the Donor Site. 

Thanks to this process, if you receive an order confirmation from the Donor Site, but not a PayPal confirmation, you can return to the Donor Site to retrieve the donor’s contact information. You can then follow up with the donor regarding their purchase.

If we process our own credit cards, how do we retrieve that information?

All of the credit card information is captured from the Donor and can be retrieved by logging into our secure/encrypted Online Ordering System. Once you login, place your cursor over the "Reports" tab and click on "Donor Payments.”

Will we receive a confirmation when a Donor purchases a brick?

Yes. Our system will automatically send an email notifying you that a donation was made. The email will have the donor's information, donation amount, type of payment, inscription and reference number (where it is located in your account within the Online Ordering System).  You can also download the Bricks R Us app for notifications through the app.

Will you engrave the brick when the donation is made?

No. The inscription and all of the Donor Information goes into your account within the Online Ordering System and stays there until you "submit" the order.

Are your Donor Sites secure?

Yes. All Donor Sites are directed to a site beginning with https:// (this is what all secure sites start with).  In fact, all Bricks R Us pages on our website are secure.

Is there another way to get notifications when a Donor purchases a brick on our Donor Site?

Yes.  We are the only engraving company that has an Apple and Android app.  You can download the app by searching for "Bricks R Us".  Our app mirrors the Online Ordering System and will also send you a notification when a purchase is made online.

What is a discount code in relation to the Donor Sites?

Using the Online Ordering System, our customers can make active and program a discount code for their Donor Site.  A discount code is given to their donors to receive a certain discount (percentage or dollars) for either a certain event or maybe they want to trace if a marketing program is working.

We want to provide an option for our Donors to purchase additional brick(s) for their home.  Is this possible?

We provide Souvenir Bricks (small, size of your palm), Donor Bricks (regular size bricks) and Donor Certificates.  These can either be sent directly to our customer or to each Donor.  If to each Donor, an additional shipping fee is charged.

What if we have a problem with our Donor Site when it's live?

If you have an issue with your Donor Site and it's after hours, just give us a call and advise it's an emergency; we'll call you back as soon as possible.  To date, our sites have never been off-line but if there's a problem, we are always here for you!