Brick Fundraiser Profitability Calculations

At Bricks R Us, we understand that fundraisers are crucial to the success of your organization’s cause, which is why we encourage you to organize a brick fundraiser.  Fundraising with bricks gives you multiple options because each brick can be personalized and installed in various places such as walkways, walls, plazas or corridors.  With Bricks R Us, you’re also able to customize your bricks with different colors, choose from more than 300 symbols or create a brick array!

When organizing a fundraiser, it is also important for your donors to know they are appreciated, and there is no better way to show appreciation than by having their names permanently memorialized on engraved bricks.  The best news is that brick fundraisers require no upfront costs and they won’t leave any leftover inventory.  Profitability is the main reason these campaigns work so well.  Please refer to the calculations chart below to see how quickly your profits can grow with engraved bricks!

200$19.00 (4×8)$  3,800.00$100.00$16,200.00
300$19.00 (4×8)$  5,700.00$100.00$24,300.00
400$19.00 (4×8)$  7,600.00$100.00$32,400.00
500$19.00 (4×8)$  9,500.00$100.00$40,500.00
200$29.50 (8×8)$  5,900.00$200.00$34,100.00
300$29.50 (8×8)$  8,850.00$200.00$51,150.00
400$29.50 (8×8)$11,800.00$200.00$68,200.00
500$29.50 (8×8)$14,750.00$200.00$85,250.00

* Price per brick includes the brick, engraving and shipping.  We suggest using both sizes for two levels of pricing.

Are you ready to plan a brick fundraiser?  Contact one of our representatives today by calling 888-MY-BRICK or by completing our contact form.  We look forward to working with you every step of the way to help you raise the funds you need!