Engraved Bricks Prices

Price should never be a factor with Bricks R Us. Our engraved brick pricing is one of the lowest when compared to other companies, we are so confident, we have a Lowest Price Guarantee!

When you start a brick fundraiser with us, we are committed to walking you through the experience every step of the way.  This is why we offer our services such as Personalized Webinar, creation of Donor Sites, our Getting Started Guide, and installation instructions – for free.  In addition, all of our customers can receive discounts through our Brick Rewards and Bonus Bricks programs.

We also have volume pricing available for orders of at least 1,000 bricks.  Please contact us for more information about this offering.  At Bricks R Us, we are confident in the great quality of our products and services, which is why it is easy for us to be transparent about our pricing structure.  No surprises!  Scroll down this page to see our engraved bricks prices.

4 x 8 x 2¼8 x 8 x 2¼
Finished Bricks Finished Bricks$19.00$29.50
Belden Bricks Belden Bricks$19.00$29.50
3⅝ x 7⅝ x ½3⅝ x 7⅝ x 2¼
Standard Bricks Standard Bricks$19.00$19.00
4 x 8 x 2⅜8 x 8 x 2⅜12 x 12 x 2⅜
Concrete Bricks Concrete Bricks$24.00$34.50$39.50
4 x 8 x 28 x 8 x 212 x 12 x 2
Granite Bricks Granite Bricks$37.50$52.00$265.00
4 x 8 x ½8 x 8 x ½12 x 12 x ½
Alfagres Tiles Alfagres Tiles$19.00$29.50$32.00
Marble Tiles Marble Tiles$36.00$40.00$45.00
Granite Tiles Granite Tiles$41.00$45.00$50.00
3⅝ x 7⅝ x ½7⅝ x 7⅝ x ½
Quarry Tiles Quarry Tiles$19.00$29.50
1½ x 3 x ½3 x 3 x ½
Souvenir Bricks Souvenir Bricks$10.00$13.00


Benches BenchesConcrete Curved Bench: $420.00
Concrete Small Square Bench: $420.00
Concrete Large Bench: $450.00
Concrete Back with Bottom Bench: $640.00
Granite Bench: $1200.00*
Donor Bricks Donor Bricks4 x 8 x 2¼: $18.00
8 x 8 x 2¼: $28.50
1½ x 3 x ⅝ (Red Only):$10.00
3 x 3 x ⅝ (Red Only):$13.00
Donor Certificates Donor CertificatesE-Donor Certificate: $4.00
Printed Certificate: $8.00
Brochures BrochuresFree!
Arrays Arrays$30.00 Per 4 Bricks
Custom LogosMust be in black/white, 300 dpi, transparent file.

One-Time Set-Up Fee: $50.00
Engraving Fee: $5.00

Additional Fees$15.00 for orders of less than 10 bricks (total, not per brick)

Proprietary Fill – $3.00 per brick


All brick pricing is for shipping within the contiguous United States. Brick pricing includes the brick, engraving, and shipping.  If your orders are shipped via freight forwarder, Bricks R Us pays the fee to unload the pallet off of the truck.  We can match customer’s current bricks.

* Granite bench does not include shipping.

Now that you have seen the engraved bricks and tiles prices, visit our products page to learn more about the products.  If you have any questions about our products or pricing structure, fill out a contact form and one of our representatives will reach out to you within 24 hours.