Lowest Price Engraved Bricks!

Price should never be a factor! We show all of our prices on our Pricing page and we want you to receive the best pricing available on engraved bricks, tiles or any other engraved products.  If you find a competitor with a lower price, give us a written quote or the competitor’s name, and we will beat it and still include all of our services.

Be careful when reading the pricing on other brick companies’ websites, as there might be hidden costs or fees.  Before making a purchase, make sure you ask questions.  Many competitors will add fees for additional services such as fundraising materials, engraving, order changes and shipping costs.  We are committed to providing you with upfront pricing for our products and services, and we are proud to provide the lowest price engraved bricks available!

In addition to our Lowest Price Guarantee, we have a Bricks Rewards Program and a Bonus Bricks Program.  We created these programs as another way for you to save money on your fundraising efforts.

After 30 years in business, Bricks R Us is one of the oldest brick engraving companies around.  Our experience allows us to offer the best pricing, customer service and products in the industry.

Contact us today and see how easy it is to start your brick fundraiser with our affordable engraved bricks and products!

Please note: Our Bonus Bricks Program, Brick Rewards and our Lowest Price Guarantee are separate programs that can lower your cost per brick.  We can only honor one program per customer/organization.  Three hundred or more bricks must be ordered at once (same day) for the Bonus Bricks Program.