Brick Engraving Services for Fundraising

As with any purchasing decision, there are some intangibles to consider along with the price when considering brick engraving services for fundraising.  Almost everything you need to know about our company and our brick fundraiser services is listed below.

No other brick engraving company offers the depth of free services that we provide to you.  As one of the largest and oldest brick engraving companies in the U.S., we have the knowledge, experience, and the tools to help make your fundraiser successful.  That’s why we say that we’re “more than just your brick engraving company!”

Fundraising Tools — We provide the most comprehensive set of tools to assist you in helping your fundraiser be successful – at no extra charge.  Start off by browsing our website; here you will find our Prices, Products and Frequently Asked Questions.  Next, ask us to send you our “Getting Started Guide.” Then, order your free sample.  If you need donor order forms, we’ll send them to you in Word and/or Excel formats for you to edit to your liking.  If you are not computer-savvy, we’re happy to create order forms for you.  Our customers are able to:

  • Download symbols
  • Get brick installation instructions
  • Have a Personalized Online Ordering Webpage

Customers may input their orders online as you sell your bricks with our Online Ordering System and then submit the order whenever you’re ready.

Lowest Price Guarantee — We’re committed to providing the lowest prices!  Because we’re confident about our prices, we list all of our costs.  We want you to receive the best pricing available from any brick engraving company.  If you find a competitor and product with a lower price, we will match it and still include all of our services.  Just provide any written quote or company name and if it’s lower than our pricing, we’ll beat it!

Bonus Brick Program — The majority of our customers are non-profit organizations, so we constantly try to come up with ways for you to save so the money goes back to your cause.  That is why we have our Bonus Brick Program; for every 300 engraved bricks ordered, we will provide 10 free bricks.  An extra 5 bricks will be added for any additional 100 (400 = 15, 500 = 20, etc.).

Personal Website (Donor Site) — Bricks R Us will design a secure free Donor Site for your organization so that your donors can easily order their bricks.  This site can display your logo, pictures or anything else you would like displayed.  The site will end with a name of your choice and can accept credit cards.

Brochures – Some organizations prefer professional brochures over our downloadable Order Form Templates so just fill out our Brochure Request and we’ll create all the graphics and verbiage that you provide and send you a tri-fold brochure for your local printer.

Video Campaign Presentation – Most people are visual and would prefer not to read about your campaign so we’ve created the ability to personalize your brick campaign in a video.

Conference / Webinar – You have probably never been involved in a brick campaign.  Since we want to make sure you are successful, we want to go over every detail of your campaign.  Schedule a conference/webinar with your committee members.  All of them do not have to be in the same location as they can call a number and visit a website for everyone to discuss the campaign with one of our experienced personnel.

Customer Service – We believe that our customer service is what sets us apart from any other company.  This is why we have our 24- hour policy; we will always respond to your phone calls or emails within 24 hours.  When you send us an order, you will receive a proof sheet within 24 hours.  When you send the approved proof sheet, we will give you the actual shipping date within 24 hours.  When we receive your payment, you will receive a payment notification within 24 hours.  When we ship your order, you will receive your tracking information within 24 hours.  This is our way to make sure you are informed throughout the entire process.

Free Shipping — All of our prices include the brick, all text engraving and shipping.  Many, if not most of our competitors, charge for shipping.  Don’t forget to read the fine print!  We feel we have the best prices of any brick engraving company, but should you encounter a lower price from a similar company and product, let us know and we will beat our competitor’s prices!

No Per Line Charges — All text engraving, regardless of the number of lines, is included in our pricing.  We provide the highest amount of lines and characters than any other brick engraving company.  4×8: 4 lines, 21 characters (3 lines, 18 characters recommended), 8×8: 8 lines, 21 characters (6 lines, 18 characters recommended), 12×12: 12 lines, 25 characters (10 lines, 23 characters recommended).

No Contracts to Sign — We do not bind you to any contracts.  Many of our competitors require you to sign a contract that will state that you are not allowed to change vendors within a specified period of time.  If you like our products and the services we provide you’ll never have to go anywhere else.  It’s that simple – sometimes the old-fashioned way of doing business works best!

Minimum Order — You can order any amount of bricks; however, if you order less than 10, there is a $15 fee (total, not per brick).

Delivery Times and Payment — We have one of the fastest delivery times in the industry; your order will ship approximately 2 to 3 weeks from the date at which we receive the final proofs.  If a shorter delivery time is needed, we will do our best to accommodate you at no extra charge.  There are no upfront or scheduled payments required – just pay prior to shipment.

Submitting Your Order — We are the only company that will accept your order in any format!  You may enter your order directly online through our website; you may email it, fax it or send it by regular mail.  Others will make you send your order in a specific format.  We’re here to make the ordering process fit your needs – not ours!  You can enter your orders directly online through our website; this online ordering system will save you time and money.  It allows you to print donor reports including their donation amount, your invoice, and proof sheet immediately.  Additionally, through our website your donors may also enter their orders or have us create your own page on our server.  In short, we provide the easiest, most flexible and widest array of ordering tools available in the brick engraving industry.

Proofing — Send us your order in ANY format and we’ll convert the inscriptions to a proof sheet.  If you place your order online, you can print your proof sheet and invoice immediately!  If your order is sent to us by other means, you will receive a proof back from us within 24 hours.  Our proofing process means you can make any corrections, additions or deletions to your order.  Surprisingly, many of our competitors either do not offer a proofing process or will charge for any changes.  They assume that if you put it in their format that there won’t be any mistakes.  Our team understands that we’re all human and all of us are apt to make a data entry error from time to time.  It’s an added level of protection that we feel is well worth the little extra time it takes.

Guarantee — All our products are guaranteed for life provided they were installed properly.  Our bricklaying instructions were developed by the Brick Industry Association and others.  Make sure you have a qualified mason to do your installation.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask the masonry company you’ve chosen if they might be willing to donate some time and/or materials in exchange for a free brick – it’s good advertising for them!

Quality — All of the above is moot unless you receive a quality product.  After 25 years in business, we are one of the largest and oldest brick engraving companies serving the fundraising industry in the U.S.  – we know how to engrave and which products are the right ones to engrave on!

Are you ready to use our brick engraving services?  Give us a call 888-MY-BRICK or fill out our contact form to get started.  We look forward to working with you!

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