Bricks R Us, headquartered in Miami, has acquired Fund Raisers Ltd., based in Boise, Idaho, to become the country’s largest brick engraving company.  With our new look, we offer our customers the same great service, now from two locations, with divisions supporting both community and sports engraving programs.

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With brick fundraising, your success is our success which is why we have the most tools, products, and experience to assist you in having a successful campaign!  Fundraising with engraved memorial bricks is probably new to you and your organization which is why Bricks R Us is here to help you along the entire process!  Bricks R Us has been in the industry for over 30 years and we want to help make your engraved brick fundraiser a success.  Our free services, outstanding customer support, high-quality products, proven consulting experience and effective tools work together to assist you in building a successful brick campaign.

We are the company that started providing free services like Donor Sites, Order Form Templates, an Online Ordering System and other ways to help you sell bricks.  Before we came around, brick engraving companies just sold bricks.  We are constantly changing the industry to make sure your organization has the best chance of having a successful campaign.

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Fundraising with bricks is simple!  With Bricks R Us you have endless possibilities to customize your fundraiser.  You can pick from various brick styles, sizes, colors and symbols.  Your customized bricks can be installed in many places, such as walkways, plazas, indoor corridors and on vertical walls. 

Bricks R Us is committed to making your fundraiser a success.  Our Low Price Guarantee offers everyone a chance to pitch in and help raise money for your organization.  With a brick fundraiser, you’ll have no upfront costs and can keep the campaign ongoing for years to come.  The end result will be an everlasting tribute from your donors to your organization. 

Learn more about how fundraising with engraved bricks works by watching this video! 

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