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Our mission is to rescue and restore the World Wonder View Tower and property located off of I-70 by Genoa, Colorado.  This is a unique opportunity to save a piece of history and becoming a part of the history.


We are selling bricks that will be placed outside the entrance of the building or you can purchase marble tile that will be placed inside the main floor of the tower.   Time is of the essence, we only have until January 28, 2016 to generate the funding needed to rescue and restore this irreplaceable part of Americana.  Once we rescue and restore the property, it is our intention to open it and a museum for free to the public.


The World Wonder Tower was built in 1926, and has provided a variety of services.  At 5,751 feet, the top level stood as the highest point in the US between Denver and New York.  Ripley’s “Believe it or Not” featured the Tower in a column in 1933 proving that you could see 6 states (Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota.  It’s been said the on a clear day you can see Wyoming’s Grand Tetons.


 It is a Registered Historical Property in the State of Colorado.   We would love the opportunity to breathe new life into this deteriorating, but still salvageable Tower.  Find us on Facebook  at All donors will be recognized and become a part of the history.  You can also donate at .



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