"Honoring Those Who Have Served."




  Whisperwood Veterans Memorial Project 


Dear Patriot,


 Whisperwoood is a 55+ community located in north Deland with a 396 homes, a number of which are veterans.  A year ago it came to the attention of the Residents Association Board of Directors that there was not a veterans memorial in the park.  Interested residents came together with a common goal.  Bill Felton was chosen to be general chairperson.  Through his effort plans were established, committees formed and financial goals identified.  Since then, several successful fund raising events have taken place. As of this date, more than 25% of the financial goal has been reached.     Other coming fund raising events are a motorcycle run scheduled for November 4th, a Walk in support of our veterans, a Labor Day party and our Veterans Day celebration on November 11th.  Hopefully, this event will also be our Groundbreaking or Dedication ceremony.  Our United States Flag and each of the military flags will be flying in glory.

July 4th is the launch date for the sale of memorial bricks which will be incorporated into the design.  The bricks will be placed surrounding the cement pad which is the base of the Veterans monument.  There will walkways from the road to the area and one from the clubhouse to the memorial area.


            We would like to thank you for your generosity in helping us see this project to completion.




 ill Felton, Chairperson Veterans Project



3131 Pine Run Trail

Deland, Florida 32724



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