Watercourse Counseling Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency established in 1999 to strengthen our community by supporting people in the journey toward emotional wellbeing. We strive to improve community wellness by: creating equitable access to mental health services, bringing services into the community, building partnerships to address community issues impacted by mental health, and by mentoring mental health trainees in community mental health. We provide services in eleven primary locations our two community clinics in south and north Minneapolis and nine schools in Minneapolis where we operate fulltime school based mental health clinics in Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS); we also provide outreach to clients in community locations and through the community garden located at our south clinic. Because of the diversity of settings in which we work, we serve a wide range of cultural and ethnic communities, including African American, Native American, Caucasian, and Latino and East African immigrant communities. In 2014, we worked directly with 925 clients, exclusive of parents and family members, and around 50% of those clients were from immigrant and refugee communities. Over the past sixteen years, we have adapted to changing community circumstances and adjusted & expanded programs that address a range of issues and challenges in the community. We build our current services around opportunities that are identified through collaboration and continue to work with multiple partners. Because of this focus, we have been able to accomplish many things that would have been impossible for an organization of our size working independently. Now it's time for us to update our infrastructure and beautify our space, so we are able to maintain our ability to be a strong, effective partner and community neighbor. Our Renovation project plan includes three phases: I) New addition; II) Green roof, Community Patio and landscaping; III) Remodeling of the main floor in the old building. Construction begins this spring and plans are to finish renovations over the summer so it is completed before programs gear up in the fall.



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