You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.


― Richard Buckminster Fuller




The Transition Team invites you get in on the excitement, and purchase an engraved brick so you can cement your legacy as a founding contributor of The Transition.


In efforts to raise the funds needed to purchase our first property and create our headquarters, The Transition Team is selling Sponsored Engraved Bricks, Slabs, and Tiles. Our current goal is to raise $25,000 by our challenging deadline of May 11th for the down payment blocking the ability for anyone else to pursue this property.


*Remember a loved one*

*Honor someone special*

 *Join other transition supporters for a group brick*

*Engrave your intentional community or co´┐Żop name*

*Set your name in stone for decades to come*


 Society is transforming and maturing, moving towards an era of more collaboration, connection and contribution. Together our aim is to perpetuate and expand a society based on on these values. The Transition is not a revolution, it is an evolution. We are not fighting against the current system. We are adapting the current system so that it can transform into something better that would enable all of us to achieve a much higher standard of living within a relatively short period of time. A standard of living that would be continuously improved as we develop our technologies and the ways in which these discoveries are implemented. Rather than isolating ourselves completely from the mainstream, we promote The Transition as a viable alternative. Our intention is to bring together those who follow a compass set with the same values so we can reach our mutual goals faster. 


This fundraiser is about starting on a local scale, but acting with the intention of global change to bridge he gap between our present times and a Global Egalitarian System. (Some examples of similar concepts or ideas are Economic Singularity, Resource Based Economy (RBE), Gifting Economy, and Ubuntu) An egalitarian society operates by meeting human needs as the first social priority, and transcends assorted social and civil as well as economic problems by lucidly grasping the difference between NEEDS and Wants. This is a scientific approach, rooted in the modern Pyramid of Needs, which builds on the work of Abraham Maslow, and Behavioral Psychology. The end result being worldwide shared assets and an intelligent infrastructure that serves and supports the planet and humanity who in turn become the caretakers of the Earth.


Together we will buy existing affordable properties and businesses in small towns, suburbs and even cities, as well as create various new cottage industries. Today we take that first step with the down payment for our headquarters property.


Our current society’s pattern of withholding what is needed, and the hoarding of possessions, is in our opinion both irrational and counterproductive to our survival yet it continues on the national, city, community, and even the family level throughout most ‘civilized’ cultures. We don’t think it needs to be this way. By having working Transitional Communities we create proof that a global society using Egalitarianism is within reach. And it all starts today... with your help we can purchase our first property and establish our headquarters!



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