Thank you for supporting Santa Fe Football by purchasing a “Raider Brick”.  Santa Fe High School has a proud history in football and we want to display that proud tradition in as many ways as possible.  One way is with the “Raider Brick” Program. We began the “Raider Brick” program in the fall of 2013 as a way to allow former Raiders and past Raider teams to become a permanent part of history that folks that visit Raider Field can actually see.  We began by placing Raider Bricks on West side of the ticket booth at the main gate to Raider Field. We plan to completely pave the sidewalk of the entrance into Raider Field.  We can only do this with your help.  Bricks can be purchased at any time of year and will be placed on the buildings and sidewalks 3 to 4 times of year.  Raider Pride is forever, and should be proudly displayed. We appreciate your support.

Raider Pride!

Bill Wiles

Head Football Coach

Santa Fe High School



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