from the Salisbury Skatepark Committee. We are a group of concerned citizens who are working towards a free and public state of the art skatepark for the Salisbury community and it’s people. We are an official 501(c)3 (non-profit, tax deductible) entity, begun in 2008. We have raised over $11,500 towards the park so far, mainly through Salisbury’s skateboard community. These monies will be applied to phase #1 of the park (6,000 sq. ft.). Phase #1 will begin construction in Spring/Summer 2014. These bricks begin our fundraising efforts for phase #2 of the park (8,000 sq ft.). The park itself will be a one of a kind, poured in place, artisan built, concrete park. Concrete because it lasts with very little upkeep (shelf life of 25/30 years or longer). One of a kind, artisan built because this will become a destination park, that Salisbury and the whole Eastern Shore can be proud of. Benefiting local moral, local economy and most importantly, THE KIDS!


 Our whole approach to bringing a skatepark to Salisbury has been to keep it creative, relative and fun. Just like skateboarding itself. We don’t believe in asking people for their hard earned monies with nothing in return. Of course we will be providing a free and public park to Salisbury but some relative recognition would be good in return. Below are a few pictures. #1. The China Banks of San Francisco. This spot is aesthetically pleasing and has deep roots in skateboarding history. It has drawn skaters from all over the world to skate it’s bricked transitions and benches for over 30 years. Enter the successes of Brick Fundraising. Our committee has decided to recreate this destination spot right here in Salisbury, Maryland by using commemorative bricks shown below (photo #2), and you can be a part of it. You and your name can literally be a part of the Salisbury Skatepark and a part of history at the same time.


Our goal is to raise $20,000 for phase #2 of the park. To begin raising funds for phase #2 of the skatepark we are selling commemorative bricks to do so. Any individual who donates $100 towards the park will receive a commemorative brick with their name, their Grandmother’s name, a lost one’s name, a favorite slogan, or whatever they wish, engraved into the brick. We will use these bricks to recreate the China Banks of San Francisco. You can literally help build Salisbury a free and public skatepark and forever be remembered for it! (And write it off on your taxes too!)


 If you would like to contribute towards Salisbury’s skatepark by buying a commemorative brick, please fill out the form below. It only takes a few minutes out of your day to make a positive difference in your community that will last a lifetime.



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