Roland Park Baseball Leagues has a long, rich history of providing “Big Fun” to little league boys and girls since 1952. After 64 years, we finally have the opportunity to build our own Field of Dreams, a place that RPBL can truly call home. We invite you to become a permanent part of RPBL’s future by purchasing a brick to commemorate your time with RPBL. Honor a player, a family, a team, a coach, or a fan with a personalized brick so that past, present, and future players and their families will know what RPBL has meant to you. All bricks will be incorporated into the pathway leading to our new home field.

 Engraved bricks are available in a 4” x 8” or 8” x 8” size.

 4x8 bricks can be personalized with 3 lines, 18 characters per line, and cost $100 each. 

An 8x8 brick can be personalized with 6 lines, 18 characters per line and costs $225.

Some might laugh and say, “oh it’s just little league”, but we know that’s not true. We take to the fields during the cold of March and stay there through the heat of June because we love the baseball and we love the league. Each game brings with it a new sense of excitement, anticipation, and lots of great memories. Please help us continue the fun and the memories by buying a brick today.



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