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As part of our exciting expansion for the “Beautification of our Property” at LUMC, you have an opportunity to put your mark on our church in a unique and creative way.  We are going to add a Wishing Well/Bell in the front of our church with engraved pavers.   Theses pavers will be a sign and symbol of our congregation’s commitment to live as People on the Way of Christ.  Also a walkway will illustrate the kinds of attitudes, character or qualities of life that we seek to live-in the mind of Christ, or the way of Christ.

We are offering you the opportunity to order Bricks in support of our first project our new Wishing Well/Bell and walkway. Everyone is invited to buy a brick, either for you, your family or for someone else, to commemorate a special occasion or to honor or in memory of a loved one.

Bricks can have your name or a personal message engraved. You will be able to leave a permanent legacy at LUMC for future generations to enjoy!! What a great way to be remembered!

We invite you to purchase a 4 x 8 inch brick paver, or 8 x 8 inch brick or several pavers for our Wishing Well/Bell and walkway.

4 x 8 inch paver - $50.00 – 3 lines – 18 Characters per line with spaces

            8 x 8 inch paver - $100.00  - 6 lines – 18 characters per line with spaces

 Add a symbol $10.00 – (optional)

Some ideas for your commemorative brick inscription are:

         A dedication to your favorite Pastor

         Your family’s name

         An inspirational message

         Honoring a special family member with a lasting memento

         A message in memory of a relative that is with God

         Acknowledge the celebration of a special anniversary

The following are examples of words of expression that you might want to use in aspect of being Christian that you believe is important to embody in the world today.

Believe                                 Guidance                                             Patience                              Trust

Comfort                               Hope                                                     Peace                                    Truth

Courage                               Imagination                                        Prayer                                   Vision

Endurance                          Joy                                                         Proclaim                               Welcome

Energy                                  Justice                                                  Rejoice                                 Wisdom

Faith                                      Kindness                                              Reverence                          Witness

Generosity                         Love                                                      Seek                                      Wonder

We look forward to celebrating as you pave the way of our community, and hope that you will choose to leave a record of your commitment to walk this way together.


Genesis 28:22 - …and this stone, which I have set up for a pillar, shall be God’s house.  And of all that you give me I will give a full tenth to you.”


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