1966 - 2016

In an effort to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Christ the Redeemer Church, the Parish Council is excited to announce our Commemorative Brick campaign. We are inviting you to become a permanent part of Church history by purchasing a commemorative 4x8 inch or 8x8 brick to be installed along the walkway entrance to the church shown in the picture above. This is a unique and special way for your family, children, business or you to be honored in a lasting and memorable way. 

 Some ideas for your commemorative brick inscription are:

  • A dedication to your favorite pastor
  • Your family's name
  • An inspirational message
  • Honoring a special family member with a lasting memento
  • A message in memory of a relative that is with God
  • Acknowledge the celebration of our 50th anniversary

 The number of commemorative ideas is unlimited! 

 We invite you to join us to create a lasting memory in celebration of our 50th anniversary!

The investment for each 4x8 inch brick is $75.00 or you can purchase an 8x8 inch brick for $125.00ea.  The funds raised will be used to make necessary improvements to our facility to keep it looking beautiful in honor of Jesus and in honor of our great history of giving to the community and to the archdiocese.


Our first phase will begin July 19, 2015 at our picnic.  We plan to finish accepting orders by September 15 and install the bricks by November 1, 2015. 

Be one of the first to show your commitment by helping us start this important project to boost pride, participation, and beauty for our church.



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