Cove Animal Rescue began to care for the animals at the shelter at 40 Shore road in Glen Cove on March 1, 2015.   We have successfully adopted out several dogs and cats and we have been there to accept surrenders by people who can no longer keep their animals.  We have extended our hours for the convenience of potential adopters and we have utilized social media so that lost dogs have been quickly returned to their homes.

We began with over 80 cats and 10 dogs. Just a fraction of the food that had previously filled the Quonset hut; no medical supplies.   Of course, none of the money, donated over the years, was made available.

So here we are - Working hard to feed and care for the animals and planning improvements to the facility; improvements that will make cleaning and feeding easier and create a better environment to facilitate transition into a home.

 We will convert the shelter from a dreary animal prison to one where cats play in sunlit spaces, where windows open and where cat doors lead to an outdoor cattery.    The dogs will have common areas and access to outside play areas.   With your help phase one and phase two, a half-million dollar building conversion, will become reality. With your help we can overcome the annual $100,000 operating budget shortfall, and restock the stripped- down surgical area to provide a great TNR program for our area.

 We thank you in advance for all your support.

 Cove Animal Recue



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