The Bimini Youth Development Foundation is committed to providing lifelong skills for youth on Bimini through education, health and economic programs to bring positive change to a successful productive life. BYDF's vision is a community where youth are making positive, social, physical and intellectual choices to overcome social and economic barriers therefore creating a productive society. BYDF is a not for profit organization that motivates and empowers youth with the tools for preparing them to become productive citizens. Programs focuses on academic and athletic achievements, civil involvement, as well as physical and emotional development of children and youth, creating leadership skills. BYDF's youth development and empowerment programs include Healthy lifestyles, education, Sports, Arts, Environment, Self-esteem, Empowering youth to succeed and financial literacy. Programs are offered after school, during school vacations, and as community based initiatives, involving parents, business, civic and religious partners; to promote a healthy and caring community who will celebrate diversity and participate in shaping their community.

BYDF has a strong board of directors including President Leonard Stuart, V.P. Ingrid Stuart, Sec. Lenville Stuart, Mable Feruson, Joe L. Fernandez, Micah Roberts and Kevin Benedict. They have a great vision and the passion to complete the task at hand. As a former collegiate athlete and teacher for 17 years, Leonard Stuart has the experience and is the perfect leader for this foundation.

BYDF is trying to rebuild the baseball field on Bimini. This field has helped many of Bimini's youth gain a better future. Participation in Sports and excellence in Academics in the Bahamas are the quickest ways to get noticed by an American high school for a scholarship. This education can be the opportunity to setup up a successful future for the recipient. The only thing standing in the way is some teamwork.   
The goal is to raise $10,000 to complete this project. Currently the field needs demolition on the concrete dugouts and a complete face lift. Bleachers, fences, clay, bases, field maintenance equipment, shipping container for storage and maybe a scoreboard is needed. They could also use some bats, balls, gloves, cleats and uniforms for the kids.

Once we help rebuild the baseball field, the Bimini Youth Development Foundation will be focusing on some long term solutions to problems facing Bimini's youth.

One of the biggest problems facing the youth of Bimini today is the lack of training on the island specifically focused on the hospitality industry. A future goal of the BYDF is to establish a hospitality and tourism training center on Bimini to help locals acquire jobs in this rapidly expanding market. Right now many hospitality and tourism employees on the island are outsourced while locals are left searching for quality jobs. Once the locals have this training center they will compete and win jobs on the island.

Thank You,
CJ McLaughlin


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