Bobtown United Methodist Church

After several years of planning and anticipation, our dream of a social hall for the church and community is finally being realized. Construction is underway with a spring opening, God willing. In an effort to complete this project and help better serve these needs in our community, additional funding is needed. As a long standing tradition, memorials are often placed in or around buildings of this nature. We invite you to join us in celebrating this occasion by personalizing a brick of your choice to be placed for all to see. The bricks will be placed in a walkway connecting the church, near the rear entrance handicap ramp, and the new social hall. These bricks will be 4” x 8” x 2 �” – red – finished bricks containing 18 characters per line and 3 lines per brick. The cost per brick is $25.00.  We would appreciate any purchase of these bricks for memorials, honorariums, anniversaries or any special designation of your choice. This fundraiser is NOT limited to current church members only, but open to any and all members of community past and present.  Please pass this information along if there is anyone you or yours know that may be interested, near or far.

A heartfelt thank you and God bless to any and all who participate.   



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