Utah Education Association Honoring and Celebrating Utah's Educators

UEA is building a new home!

The new facility in Murray will feature outdoor spaces dedicated to celebrating Utah's educators - past, present, and future - and those who champion public education in our community. The patio areas will feature personalized engraved bricks, each featuring a name and/or a special message. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to become a permanent part of UEA's work to preserve and enhance Utah public education.

All bricks support UEA's new headquarters, which will have a transformative impact on UEA's work across the state. The new building is slated to open in the Summer of 2024 and will feature modern technology, flexible gather spaces, and private offices and consulting spaces.

Honor an educator, mentor or colleague who has made an impact on you or a loved one.

Celebrate your career, including years of service and in which schools/district you served.

Highlight your commitment to public education, by individuals or businesses.

Be part of a legacy for Utah educators and students!

*UEA reserves the right to cancel orders if the message is not consistent with the UEA mission and vision.

Utah Education Association Honoring and Celebrating Utah's Educators

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