BSA Troop 277 Summit Troutman Eagle Project

Through my time in the Boy Scouts of America, one of the many lessons I have learned is to recognize those who sacrifice for others. That is why for my Eagle project I have chosen to create a veteran's monument, to honor those who have served our country.

The monument will be located at Marietta High School, in a section of the school where the military colors fly honorably. The bulk of the project will be dedicated to laying bricks with the names of those veterans who served our nation. Donations will cover the cost of each brick, as well as the cost of flowers and new military flags. Any remaining funds will be donated for the benefit of veterans.

These bricks are meant to celebrate veterans; as such, I ask that only veterans' names be recorded on each brick. I also ask that they be formatted as follows:

First Line: Name, rank, and/or title

Second Line: Years of service

Third Line: Branch/es served in

For 8x8 bricks, feel free to add a message in the extra space.

Summit Troutman
Life Scout, Troop 277 Marietta, GA

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