Over the past year, there have been some remarkable improvements at our Club. We are excited to announce another way for our members to donate to our capital improvements. Be a part of history!!

 Each brick purchased will be displayed on a pathway from the parking lot to our club entrance. Engraved bricks are used in many ways, to honor someone important or close to you, in memory of a friend or loved one, engraved with your favorite phrase or quote that inspires you, or to promote your business. Whatever the reason, a personalized brick purchased will help The 300 Club continue our growth.

Each brick costs $100 for a 4" by 8" brick and $225 for an 8" by 8" brick. The 4" x 8" brick will have space for three lines, 18 characters per line, while the 8" by 8" brick will have space for six lines.

Thank you for your support of The 300 Club!

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