American-Italian Federation Sugarcane Harvester Monument & Brick Garden

To Honor the 60,000 Sicilian Immigrants from 1870-1920 recruited to Louisiana to Harvest Sugarcane
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Millions of people day can trace part of their ancestry to one or more of the 60,000 Sicilian Immigrants who were recruited between 1870-1920 to work as Sugarcane Harvesters on the plantations and farms of South Louisiana. Part of the mission statement of the Federation is to erect monuments honor our ancestors, who shoulders we stand on.

Monument to the Sicilian Sugarcane Harvester is designed by Franco Alessandrini, who designed the previous monuments. The location of Houmas House and Garden in Darrow Louisiana was an obvious setting. The prominent setting of the monument in the 35-acres of gardens at Houmas House is respectful of the contributions of the Sicilians to Louisiana’s Sugarcane production.

Historically many Sicilians worked at Houmas House, which was one of the largest producers of Sugar Cane. In 2020, The 30,000 square foot Great River Road Museum opened at Houmas House and Gardens. Plans are underway to expand the Sugarcane Exhibit in the Museum to include the Sicilian contribution to improving crop production.

The tall marble monument has four-sides, with each side depicting a different harvesting setting. A high scale model has been built. Four other scale models will made for display in Louisiana. Bricks will be ordered every time an order of 10 is ready. They will displayed at Houmas House along side a scale model.

American-Italian Federation Sugarcane Harvester Monument & Brick Garden

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