Stone Farm Estates Buy a Brick Program

Have your family or pet become a permanent part of Stone Fam Estates by purchasing a 4 x 8 commemorative brick.

The bricks will form a walkway leading to a shaded area under the pine trees located near the electrical panel near the mailboxes.

There will be a 7-8 foot wide resting bench on a block patio, and new evergreen trees and shrubs will be installed to obscure and enhance area near electrical panel and boxes.

Drought resistant trees and perennials will be planted, and new plant material bed will be layered with half-inch gravel stone to help prevent weeds.

The goal of this “Buy a Brick Program” is to refrain from using Stone Farm resources by funding the entire project through the purchase of the commemorative bricks or donations. Cost of brick is $125 with or without an image.

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