Saint John School Wellesley Annual Fund

At some point in our lives we all have visited a monument, historical building, or some other important landmark. Often times at these sites we see walkways, courtyards, gardens, or walls containing personalized bricks or pavers. Have you ever stopped to wonder who these people are or why they were inclined to support these sites? We believe that there is a common answer and that is simply because they deemed these sites special enough to leave a lasting impression and show their support through a monetary donation. We hope that you feel the same way about Saint John School!

Now is your chance to become a permanent part of Saint John School and help hundreds of children realize the kind of memories that Saint John School has been creating for over fifty years! Each year we find a shortcoming of funds received solely from tuition, which is often called the "tuition gap". In order to bridge this gap and reinforce our efforts to offer the highest quality of education, appeals such as the Annual Fund are vital to the sustainability of our school. This year we have decided to offer this brick incentive to not only encourage donors to give generously, but also to thank donors by offering a lasting memory of their gift to be enjoyed by all who enter our school. 

We invite and encourage you to make a donation of $1,500 or more to receive a personalized brick in order to help us bridge this gap between tuition income and actual operating costs. Your personalized brick can recognize your family, a student, teacher, alumni, or business. Donations received in the amount of $1,500 to $4,999 will receive a 4x8 personalized brick (3 lines 18 characters per line) and donations of $5,000 or more will receive a 12x12 personalized brick(10 lines 23 characters per line). These bricks will pave a new walkway to be installed outside of the front entrance of Saint John School. Each student, present and future, who passes through the doors of Saint John School will benefit because of the names on the bricks.

Please consider donating $1,500 or more to the Saint John School Annual Fund in order to receive your personalized brick and leave a lasting impression on our outstanding school. We welcome you to eternally “walk” with Saint John School while we Pave the Way for our future. 

Thank you!

Saint John School Wellesley Annual Fund

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