City of South Gate Centennial Walkway

 Look to the Past, Celebrate the Present, Embrace the Future

The City of South Gate is CELEBRATING their 100th Year as a City! Started on January 20, 1923, the City has a storied past that includes many amazing people, historical businesses, and wonderful departments of South Gate. Much of that rich history has been celebrated during the past year and the Centennial Committee wanted to make sure that the residents of this beautiful community have an opportunity to become part of today’s story!

On January 20, 2023, the City held a large celebration in front of City Hall and opened a Time Capsule that had been placed there in 1973. That day we “Looked to the Past” of how the City was formed and received well wishes from those who came before us. We began to “Celebrate the Present” and had a grand night of Music, Food and Fireworks!

Now we are ready to “Embrace the Future” by placing our own Time Capsule back in front of City Hall and creating a “New Centennial Memorial Walkway” that will include “Bricks” from the People, Businesses, and Departments of the City of South Gate!

You are invited to purchase one of these “Bricks” and have it engraved and placed in the Centennial Memorial Walkway to commemorate your participation with the City of South Gate and leave your "mark" in South Gate for generations to come.
Details are as follows:
• You may purchase a 4”x8” brick for $100 or an 8”x8” brick for $200 and have your brick customized with any message or name as long as it fits the 18 characters per line max (3 lines for 4x8 and 6 lines for 8x8).
• You can add a replica, souvenir, and or Donor Certificate to your order for you to keep for an additional cost. You can make your selection at the time of your order.
• Once your order is processed, your memorial brick will be shipped to the City to be placed on the Centennial Memorial Walkway in front of City Hall. Any keepsakes ordered will be shipped directly to you.

Stay tuned, as we will be announcing the commencement of this “ground-breaking” walkway project soon!

City of South Gate Centennial Walkway

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Select commemorative products as keepsakes for yourself.

An exact duplicate of the brick that you are purchasing from your organization, with the addition of felt backing.
4 x 8 Brick $50; 8 x 8 Brick $65

Smaller option: a miniature brick (fits in your hand) with your custom inscription.
1.5 x 3 $20; 3 x 3 $30
Laser-printed certificate on heavy ivory paper showing your inscription on red-colored brick. $10

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