A stray dog named Sergeant Stubby had strong ties to Connecticut. Both he and his inseparable companion Cpl. J. Robert Conroy were from the Nutmeg state.

Stubby helped save soldiers’ lives and offered them comfort in the trenches and on 17 battlefields, and in American Red Cross field hospitals. He was America’s first (unofficial) service dog. Today, the role of dogs serving our military men and women is firmly established, from dogs trained to aid in battle zones to dogs trained to aid and comfort veterans that have returned to civilian life.  And now, a life-size bronze statue of Stubby has a home at the  Connecticut Trees of Honor Memorial, paying tribute to the unselfish devotion, patriotism, heroism, service and sacrifice of our military men and women.

The area around the statue is paved with bricks, as is the path leading to it. The brick you donate, engraved with your tribute to a special dog in your life, will replace one of the bricks in the area around the statue or the path leading to it.

Sergeant Stubby Salutes Sergeant Stubby Salutes Statue

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