Serenity for Women A Home of Her Own

Serenity’s mission is to empower, enhance and enrich the lives of women.

Partnered with the Rescue Mission in Syracuse, Serenity for Women has created a project that honors and supports homeless women veterans wanting to renew, refocus and rejoin their communities by accessing the services they need to be healthy, whole and productive. The intent of this venture is to provide permanent supportive housing and supportive programs for homeless women veterans while safely transitioning them back into the day to day routine of civilian living. The collaborative effort has been achieved through the innovativeness of the Rescue Mission’s ‘Willing to Work program’ - a comprehensive, proven, successful plan for individual safety, emotional support, skills building, and employment training model.

Serenity has lead the construction of two new homes that will be turnkey for the participants. ‘A Home of Her Own,’ located at 428 Hawley Avenue in Syracuse, is the site of these 12’ x 16’ homes, that will provide residents with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area. Each home will also be fully furnished, equipped and functional when women arrive home.

Serenity will be installing a brick walkway in the front of the first two tiny homes on Hawley Avenue. By purchasing a memorial brick, you will be supporting Serenity’s ability to keep this project growing. Serenity intends to replicate this model and continue building tiny homes for homeless women veterans throughout the tri-county area. The goal is to never see these three words in one sentence:
“homeless, women, veterans”

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