City of Roanoke, TX

Individuals may now leave a permanent mark in the City Hall courtyard! Through the City of Roanoke Brick Paver Program, a section of the City Hall courtyard is reserved for engraved bricks in honor of, in memory of or in recognition of someone special to you. Your engraved brick will become a permanent part of the City Hall plaza and create a lasting memory of the people who mean the most to you. This is your chance to become a permanent part of Roanoke history! Orders must be submitted by the end of business day, December 27, 2024.

Honor. Memorialize. Recognize.
Brick pavers are permitted to be engraved with the following text options:
• In honor of…
• In memory of…
• In recognition of…
• Brick pavers may also be engraved with individual/family names and dates/years

Brick pavers with the following text variations will not be permitted:
• Vulgar or offensive language
• Submissions regarding religious beliefs (this includes, but is not limited to, scriptures and verses)

*All bricks are subject to review and final approval by City of Roanoke staff. City of Roanoke staff will also be checking all brick submissions for possible typos or errors. The City of Roanoke is not responsible for pavers submitted with typos or incorrect spellings.

Brick Paver Options.
There are two brick paver options available:
• 4”x8” brick paver for $75
Includes a maximum of 3 lines of text, 18 characters per line
• 8”x8” brick paver for $250
Includes a maximum of 6 lines of text, 18 characters per line

*Every line will be automatically centered on the brick. We request that all inscriptions be in CAPITAL LETTERS for uniformity and readability.

For more information, please call 817-491-6090 or email

**Special brick placement requests cannot be honored**


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