The Rescue Me Project Renovating the Mega CenterThe Rescue Me Project Renovating the Mega Center

The Rescue Me Project has multiple programs. RMP has a highly energetic, motivated, talented group of people who go out into the community including schools, churches, detention centers, and anywhere else that our voices can be heard. Our presentations focus on issues and struggles that today's youth and their families may have. The JUMP (Juvenile Uplifting Mentoring Project) offers a more personable approach by supporting youth who sign up to attend our Mega Center where they get one on one attention and group activities. We address prevalent social issues such as bullying, suicide, self-worth, and basic living/social skills. They can also receive assistance with school projects and homework. Z-Factor is a special weekly program that is presented to a special group of High school students, creating future leaders for tomorrow.

We are now reaching out to all of our friends and neighbors and asking for financial support. We are accepting monetary donations in the form of a check/pay-pal. Your engraved brick will be displayed on a four sided wall under our Mega Center sign.

The Rescue Me Project Renovating the Mega Center

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