Ridgebury PTA Let's Play!

Please help support our goal to build a safe, modern and inclusive play space for children of all ages and abilities at Ridgebury Elementary School.


The current play structure is almost twenty years old and starting to show its age. The students at RES need a new modern, versatile and long lasting play structure that is also inclusive and accessible for children with physical and/or sensory disabilities.

During the school day, the playground is dedicated to the school children attending RES but after school hours, this playground can be a family destination for the whole town of Ridgefield.

What makes our playground design inclusive?

1. Multi-sensory: There are opportunities for children to stimulate tactile, auditory, visual, vestibular and proprioceptive systems.

2. Surfacing: The playground uses unitary surfacing.

3. Graduated levels of challenge: Every child who visits the playground is challenged at their level.

4. Play opportunities for people using wheelchairs: Playground includes at least three things a person can do from their wheelchair or through a simple transfer and postural support.

5. Addressing children who get overwhelmed: Adding fences, orientation paths, wayfinding and cozy spaces make it easier for children to manage their environment.

6. Social play: There are places for children to experience various types of social play, especially cooperative play.

Letís Work Together!

This is an opportunity for our community to come together and create a vibrant, safe place for children and adults to play and socialize.

This funding campaign is a partnership between the Ridgebury Elementary School PTA and the Town of Ridgefield. We are depending on Ridgebury Elementary parents and the greater Ridgefield community to help us make this inclusive dream playground into a reality.

Pave the Path to Play! Buy a Custom Engraved Brick!

RES is offering the chance for RES families to cement their legacy in the brand new playspace. Each brick will be placed by the new playground and/or by the front of the school entrance.

Buy a brick to remember your child(ren)ís time at RES. Buy a brick to honor a special teacher or staff member. Bricks are also a great end of the year gift or graduation present from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or any family or friends.

Each brick sale will go directly toward our playground project and beautification of the school grounds. Your support means RES can pave the path to play!

Helpful Facts about Brick Engraving

Please put your engraving in ALL CAPS!

4x8 Brick ($100): 4-3 lines, 21 characters per line, 18 recommended

8x8 ($225): 8 lines, 21 characters per line, 18 recommended

12x12 ($300): 12 lines, 25 characters per line, 23 recommended

You can enter your information and then preview your bricks on the next page of the website.

You can choose any font you like; however, by default, we use Helvetica for our sandblasting process and Optima for our laser processing since these fonts engrave and looks the cleanest.

Stock photos are available for an additional cost.

All engraved messages will be reviewed by the PTA and
Mr. Palladino for approval before processing.

The timing of the installation is dependent on how quickly we can raise the funds for the playground.

Lifetime Guarantee for all bricks.

Questions? Email PTA Co-President Beth Ingram (beth.butler.ingram@gmail.com)

Playground designs are conceptual and are pending approval by the superintendent and the town

All proceeds from the brick fundraiser will go towards the playground project and/or beautification of the school grounds.

Ridgebury PTA Let's Play!

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