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Renewed Hope KC is building hope for families that have survived Domestic Violence. We are forming a Faith Based Transformational Living 508(c)1a Nonprofit to help women and children that are currently in shelter. Our program offers a 24 month housing program that fosters an environment of healing, job training/ skill building, parenting support, and so much more.

In honor of someone that you may know that is a survivor of domestic violence or someone that did not make it out, your donation will help us build this program and the bricks will be placed in the "Walk of Life" sidewalks that will be on the properties. Together we can help these women and children regain their lives back and live the life that God has created them to live.

A 4x8 brick with up to 3 lines and up to 18 characters starts at a $100 donation and a 8x8 brick with up to 6 lines and 18 characters starts at a $150 donation. Matching bricks with a felt back and stand for your personal memorial, are available for a third of the cost. We also have certificate available for $10.

All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support and support the mission!

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An exact duplicate of the brick that you are purchasing from your organization, with the addition of felt backing.
4 x 8 Brick $25; 8 x 8 Brick $30
Laser-printed certificate on heavy ivory paper showing your inscription on red-colored brick. $10

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