Bee City USA - Garden CityBee City USA - Garden City

One of every 3 bites of food we eat needs pollination and our bees are in trouble. The good news is that humans can help to reverse the decline in our pollinator populations.

We designed the Garden City Pollinator habitat to call attention to the threats to pollinators and to inspire people to take action. Pathways will draw you into this beautiful, free and public garden where you can watch our diversity of pollinators at work. Interpretive signs will tell you steps to take to make a positive impact. Companion classes, tours and literature are available at no cost to deepen your knowledge about how to help this keystone species critical to all life on earth.

We are passionate to reach the greatest number of people possible, as each person who learns will share with others, thereby helping create the top-of-mind awareness necessary to save our bees.
Our survival depends on pollinators.

Your brick donation will help ensure the ongoing education provided by this garden. Please help us spread the message.

Bee City USA - Garden City

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