Overton Park 9 Overton Park Golf 2020-2023

To our Overton Park lovers:

Here is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on historic Overton Park. Become a permanent part of the renovated grounds surrounding the beloved Abe Goodman Clubhouse by personalizing a 4x8” brick to be included in the path to its front door. Join us and your Overton Park friends as we celebrate the re-opening of this iconic building in April 2023 after a monumental two-and-a-half-year endeavor. Your gift will forever show how much you care for this magical place in the Heart of the City.

In February of 2020, a plan to renovate the Overton Park Golf Course that had been in development for eight years finally found its traction, the OP9 Golf Committee was formed, and fundraising began in earnest…only to be immediately shut down due to Covid-19. Eleven months later, Covid-be-danged, the earth moving equipment arrived at Overton Park and the King-Collins Design firm began their remarkable work. From this beginning the excitement was such that our donors overwhelmingly pushed to “finish the job,” by restoring the 1926 Abe Goodman Clubhouse and adding a much-needed maintenance facility, doubling our fundraising goal to well over four-million dollars. It is with great pride, and gratitude, that we can say all three parts have been accomplished.

Our promise to the donors and the City was to insist on THE BEST in approaching these works. To that end, improvements to the course and clubhouse will continue through the coming years requiring the constant maintenance by the City Parks Department, and donations like yours for improvements beyond their scope. Your donation will help us beautify and protect the treasure that is Overton Park for decades to come.

Overton Park 9 Overton Park Golf 2020-2023

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