We have happy to launch the Bay Beach Memorial / Commemorative Walk / Brick Path that will replace the wooden walkway leading to the bay beach next to the Fire house. The first phase will be the demolition of the existing walkway followed by the installation of a new brick walkway. We will then work with a brick fundraising vendor to set up a process to order personalized engraved bricks which will be randomly placed within the walkway. The inscribed bricks may be purchased by anyone interested at an approximate cost of $300.

Our initial cost of $5,000.00 is paid back with the first 16 bricks we sell. Imagine that the rest of the bricks will deliver a profit to the OBPA.

Question: Why is the cost so minimal?

Answer: Charitable businesses and community members have pledged to donate time, money, and resources totaling over $10,000.00. The remaining $5,000.00 will be paid through the OBPA general funds and replenished via the income from bricks sold.

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Select commemorative products as keepsakes for yourself.

An exact duplicate of the brick that you are purchasing from your organization, with the addition of felt backing. $40

Smaller option: a miniature brick (fits in your hand) with your custom inscription. $25
Laser-printed certificate on heavy ivory paper showing your inscription on red-colored brick. $10

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