Navy Special Operations Foundation Navy Special Operators Memorial


The Navy Special Operations Memorial is designed to honor our fallen Navy Special Operations (NSO) heroes while simultaneously promoting healing and wellness for those who are still among us.

Stone plinths topped with relief sculptures along a meandering pathway from the EOD Group TWO building to the centerpiece tell the proud and intricate history of the development of Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Navy Diving.

The labyrinth design at the base of the monument promotes reflective thinking, mindfulness, and holistic wellbeing.

Erected upon the circular labyrinth are four pillars which lead the eye upwards towards the main archway.

The archway, which symbolizes strength & support, lightness & openness within density, as well as a threshold through which one passes to enter another kind of time and space, will include the names of fallen NEOD operators and Navy Divers.

The innermost pillars will feature bronzed relief statues of the November 1, representing the modern-day Navy EOD Operator, and the Red Diver, representing Deep Sea Divers.

Finally, the outer pillars will include the insignias of both Navy EOD and Navy Divers.

The open landscaping design will provide a perfect place to meet for variety reasons to include: Unit ceremonies, retirements, platoon meetings, or an individual Sailor reflecting on history.

Navy Divers, Navy EOD Operators, and their families have given so much to the Navy and our nation. They deserve a place of their own that represents them.


Purchasing a Memorial or Commemorative Paver is a tangible way to etch a meaningful inscription recognizing a loved one, honoring a fallen hero, or leaving your mark on the pathways throughout the NSO Memorial. Sales of these pavers support the construction and maintenance of The NSO Memorial.


Commemorative Paver purchases are open to the public and can be customized with up to 6 lines of text. Whether youíre a active duty service member, veteran, family member or friend, donor, or community supporter, make your mark on the NSO Memorial pathways with a custom paver.

Customize a paver in memory of a fallen loved one, in honor of your hero, in recognition of special occasions, people, and family members. Itís a beautiful and lasting testament of your connection to the Navy Special Operations Community!


Memorial Pavers are reserved for Navy EOD and Navy Divers who came home but later passed. This enables the families and friends of these Warriors the opportunity to have their NSO hero forever memorialized.

These pavers will line the labyrinth surrounding the pillars and archway of the NSO Memorial. This special area will be dedicated to the memory of the men and women who served bravely in the NSO Community, but are no longer with us today. While their names may not be on the Archway, we honor and remember their sacrifice and will ensure they are never forgotten.

For a name to be considered for placement in the Memorial Paver area, it must the following criteria:

Service-member must have served under the rate or designation of Navy EOD, Navy Diver, or Navy DMT/O
Service-member is deceased
Service-member must have served between 1939 - present day

Formatting for Memorial Pavers shall include the following:

Emblem of EOD, ND, or DMT/O Insignia
Rank, First and Last Name
Date of Birth - Date of Death

Please note - NSOF reserves the right to make the final determination of placement of all pavers.

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