Norman A. Mordue Memorial and Scholarship Fund Honoring a Legacy of Excellence in Law and Service

Judge Mordue is widely recognized as a legal luminary, whose illustrious career from that of a highly successful Prosecutor, outstanding and remarkable service as a County and NY State Supreme Court Judge’s to Chief Judge, NY Northern District in the Federal Court System he left an indelible mark on the legal profession, the community and State of New York.

From his heroic service in Vietnam his life was a testament to resilience, determination, excellence and the pursuit of justice.

First Lieutenant Norman A Mordue, a member of the U.S. Army’s “C” Company, 1st Battalion, 12th Calvary, 1st Air Cavalry Division displayed extraordinary heroism in Vietnam .He led his platoon in a fierce attack to rescue another pinned-down platoon from heavy enemy fire, despite severe injuries. He destroyed two bunkers, eliminated five hostile soldiers, and guided his men to safety amidst deadly artillery strikes.

For his heroic actions he was awarded the Army’s Distinguished Service Cross, our country’s second highest award for outstanding bravery and self-sacrifice in combat with an enemy.

After his military service, he dedicated himself to the field of law, serving as a prosecutor and later as a state and federal judge for nearly four decades. Throughout his esteemed career, he has earned the respect and admiration of his peers, colleagues and the wider public. He served as a mentor and an example to hundreds as to how to pursue both a Distinguished career as an outstanding Jurist and how to live a life of kindness, concern and respect for his fellow man and leaving a legacy of accomplishment and excellence.

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