What is NIIC, Inc.?
NIIC, Inc., an acronym for Neighbors Involved In Community, is a community-focused nonprofit organization.

Who is NIIC, Inc.?
NIIC, Inc. is comprised of everyone in our community that helps to make a better world for young people. They are neighbors, professionals, government officials, school administrators and staff, and families that share that common interest for our youth.

Why NIIC, Inc.?
NIIC, Inc. serves as a connection bringing the community together to provide the proper guidance and support to the growth of our youth. This connection is vital to establish a solid foundation on which our young people can build a promising future for themselves as leaders and competent citizens.

Where is NIIC, Inc.?
It is our hope that over time this question will be answered visually as we impact our community. We desire to be a household name and influence wherever someone feels a connection to our work and gets involved with our efforts. So, in short NIIC, Inc. is everywhere we have an impact in our children’s lives.

What does NIIC, Inc. do?
We raise funds through community events while bringing awareness and relief to strained areas in our community such as homelessness, literacy, workforce development, college and career readiness, etc. We also partner with foundations to bring awareness to issues affecting members of our community such as Sickle Cell Anemia, Autism, Lupus, and Type 1 & 2 diabetes. Our activities promote community and civic engagement, unity, and healthy, holistic living.

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