Naples High School is thrilled to announce that the Junior Class will be initiating our very first memorial brick walkway fundraiser. Students and school-oriented clubs and organizations now have the privilege to engrave their names and their memories on campus. These bricks will be permanently installed on the campus to commemorate Naples High School alumni.

This permanent addition to Naples High will be admired by teachers, faculty, and students for many years. There are two sizes of bricks to choose from; 4x8 and 8x8. The four-by-eight-inch brick costs $85 and the eight-by-eight-inch brick costs $170. The 4x8 brick will have space for three lines, eighteen characters per line and the 8x8 brick will have space for six lines, 18characters per line. Athletic/academic symbols are provided for you to choose from.

There ARE only two kinds of people; those who are, and those who want to be GOLDEN EAGLES! Be remembered as a Golden Eagle forever!

For information or questions in general about the fundraiser, contact:

Karin Stewart- Jr. Class Sponsor

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