Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter Pavers for Paws

As Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter approaches our Golden Anniversary, we want to reach out to all our supporters who enable us to save homeless animals and place them in new, loving homes throughout our region. Thank you for your continued support - we could not do this without you!


Mt. Pleasant has been saving animals for 50 years! We don’t know where this time has gone, but we do know where the tens of thousands of homeless animals passing through our doors went… into loving homes throughout our area! Thanks to the kindness of animal lovers like you, Mt. Pleasant is officially “over the hill and picking up speed” in our second half-century.


We’ve always been a unique shelter – always private, always limited-admission. What this means is that when an animal comes to Mt. Pleasant, we do everything we can to find the right family for that homeless cat or dog. Sometimes they reside with us for days, sometimes weeks or longer. But what makes our shelter unique is that we give each animal a chance to find their home - no matter the cost, no matter the time.  You have given us the opportunity to do this through your dedication and continued support.


As we enter our next phase, we want to give our supporters a chance to be a permanent part of our shelter. Mt. Pleasant is pleased to bring you the opportunity to purchase an engraved brick which will become a lasting piece of the shelter’s property. These engraved bricks will help pave the way for future animals in need and enable us to continue our mission to build a community of people and organizations working together to save today’s and prevent tomorrow’s abused, neglected and homeless animals.

How we do this ...

We hope you will become part of this legacy today. Use this page for more information about how you can be a Pavers for Paws legacy contributor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or by phone at 973-386-0590. We look forward to seeing you "permanently
Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter Pavers for Paws

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An exact duplicate of the brick that you are purchasing from your organization, with the addition of felt backing.
4 x 8 Brick $75; 8 x 8 Brick $200
Laser-printed certificate on heavy ivory paper showing your inscription on red-colored brick. $15

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