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“Between us and the Holy Souls is a relationship of profound mutual love and respect.”

Over the years people have asked us for a way to memorialize their loved one out here at the Mission. We asked God to show us an appropriate means and we believe that He inspired us with an approach that would allow people to not just acknowledge their loved ones and support the Mission, but help remind and encourage all visitors to the Mission of our sacred obligation to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Our idea was to create a handsome esplanade around the Holy Souls Memorial using bricks engraved with the names of departed loved ones. These Memorials are not only a testament to the dearly departed, but also a reminder to pray for them and all such souls. Significantly, the new esplanade is also linked to our Community cemetery.

A devotion to the Holy Souls has been part of MDM’s ministry and spirituality from the beginning. We believe that the souls of those who have gone before us, whether in Purgatory or Paradise, are a strong intercessory force, and can be of great help to us. And if they are in Purgatory, it is our responsibility to work for their release through the offering of our prayers and Masses. Thus between the Holy Souls and us is a relationship of profound mutual love and support.

On Nov. 2, 2019, the Feast of All Souls, the first Memorials were blessed by Fr. John Mary in a solemn ceremony after Mass. It is our intention to have a similar service each year on the Feast of All Souls to bless all of the Memorials that have been installed during the preceding year.

We invite you to purchase a brick in memory of someone who has died. This is an act of love, respect and remembrance. Your brick will be part of a sacred space on consecrated ground.*

Each 4x8 brick is priced at $350.. The bricks allow for up to three lines of text and can accommodate 18-21 characters per line. Please note: characters include all punctuation and spaces.

( Right: sample bricks. Your brick will have only the name and words that you choose to inscribe.)

*The Mission of Divine Mercy is a small private religious community recognized by the Archbishop of San Antonio consisting of Roman Catholic priests, religious brothers and sisters and consecrated laity, and lay persons living in the world. As such, the religious community will review and approve inscriptions on bricks in accordance with good will and our religious beliefs. MDM reserves the right to refuse brick inscriptions not in accordance with these principles.

Mission of Divine Mercy, Inc.

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