Our story begins with the 1791 Haitian Revolution. Our ancestors, both men and women fought side by side against injustices and won. Starting the ripple of a freedom wave from the shores of a little island extending around the world. Giving way to the freedom we have the right to claim today. Our story begins there, for it is the foundation of our history. However, that is only where it began. We as a people must acknowledge the privileges of our freedom, giving appreciation to our ancestor’s sacrifices by establishing economic independence. A concept our matriarch Marie Therése and patriarch, Ersulien Baptiste understood. That is why he opened Au Petit Marche Grocery in 1976. The purpose was to provide a supply of natural resources through wholesome and healthy foods, also as a sanctuary to serve the needs of the people. He was a humanitarian and a philanthropist. He was an example of true leadership.

Which brings us here today. In honor of their dedication of service to the community. Asking you to help reignite the torch to reopen the neighborhoods favorite market, by placing your own customized engraved brick in the wall of Au Petit Marche Grocery and Garden. The funds will be used to rebuild the market with a greenhouse and garden bar serving Caribbean Kosher foods. We will also be adding the basement to serve as a community center offering free WiFi, a cultural library and assistance for those seeking financial independence. As thanks for your support, we are gifting 9 lucky winners prizes with a Grand prize to be voted on @MarcheGrocery. Once you purchase a brick and follow our Instagram, you will automatically be entered to qualify for a prize. Winners will be announced Live on our IG page. When placing your order please add your IG information with your contact information.

Au Petit Marche Grocery & Garden Be A Part of History

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