Lily Pad Learning CenterLily Pad Learning Center

Lily Pad Learning Center in Litchfield, IL is looking forward to their new facility opening in January 2018! Please consider helping us reach our goal of $10,000 in order to purchase these daycare-grade classroom gates and safe places for the children to fully enjoy their new educational spaces!

4x8 bricks are $30 a piece and 8x8 bricks are $60 a piece. The center receives $11 with the purchase of a 4x8 brick and $30.50 for a purchase of an 8x8 brick! These bricks will be placed around our center for years and generations to come!

Leave your child's name, family name, business name, or any message you wish for years and years at our facility!! Children will enjoy finding the brick or tile with their name on it when heading out to the playground on a daily basis!

Reasons to "leave your mark":

1. Set your child's name in stone for years to come!

2. Set your family name in stone for years to come!

3. Celebrate a special date/year with your family name!

4. Honor someone special/loved one!

5. Permanent advertising for a family-owned business!

6. Honor an organization you're passionate about!

7. Engrave ANYTHING YOU WANT on one brick OR purchase multiple bricks for additional messages from your family!!

*If we happen to be blessed to raise more than our goal amount, the additional funds will be put towards purchasing playground equipment similar to the one in the picture attached!


Lily Pad Learning CenterLily Pad Learning Center

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