Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary For our Memorial on the FarmLittle Buckets Farm Sanctuary For our Memorial on the Farm

Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary's mission is to give animals a safe and loving forever home that we hope is for a long life of many years. Many of the animals we rescue come to us from abuse, neglect, or have special health needs. As our animals give us so much love, friendship, and smiles while they are here on earth, they also cause many, many tears when they cross the rainbow bridge. The Little Buckets animals that we have lost are forever in our heart and we want to create a special place on the farm for them. A place that I can visit, a place you can visit. A place for beauty, reflection, love, and peace.

Part of the memorial will be a brick patio that we want to build with bricks each with their own special message. We want everyone who loves each of the animals as much as I do to have a chance to purchase a brick to be a part of this beautiful spot that will begin to be created in the Spring of 2023. Your message can be to one of our animals that has left a special place in your heart, a special saying you have, a person you want to remember, or any message or name that has meaning to you that you want to have here as part of this special place on the farm

Each brick will help us raise funds for our New Rescue Fund that will help give us the ability to say Yes to an animal in need and help us Welcome a new member of the Little Buckets gang. This fund will help us with any transport, initial vet and farrier visits, and special setup (carts, barn, new field, etc) that we need to add to the farm to give this new member all of what they will need to begin their new life at Little Buckets. We feel that those who have left us here on Earth would want other animals to be given the chance to have a safe and loving forever home too.

Thank you for considering a brick purchase and for all your love and support of the Little Buckets family.

Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary For our Memorial on the FarmLittle Buckets Farm Sanctuary For our Memorial on the Farm

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An exact duplicate of the brick that you are purchasing from your organization, with the addition of felt backing. $35

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Laser-printed certificate on heavy ivory paper showing your inscription on red-colored brick. $10

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