La Tiendita

La Tiendita, located in East McKinney, Texas, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit/for profit grocery store where any profit made from the store can only be used to fund and operate the nonprofit.

The mission of La Tiendita is to provide qualifying residents access to affordable and healthy food options at a subsidized rate, cost and/or for free.

La Tiendita, which is more than a store, will also provide the following for residents in East McKinney:

* STUDENT INTERNSHIPS: Students will be selected to go through a business and leadership training program at La Tiendita.
*STUDENT HEALTH PACKS: After school, on weekends, and summer, students will be able to get a nutritious drink, health bar, and fruit for free.
*WEEKLY VEGETABLE GIVE BACK: On a weekly basis qualifying residents will receive a portion of vegetables for free.
*INTERNET ACCESS: Benches and sitting areas will be installed outside to allow students to utilize La Tiendita’s wifi for homework.

We are launching a fundraiser to help stock La Tiendita’s shelves and for needed appliances for a fully operable kitchen. Your donation will go to La Tiendita eventually becoming partly economically self sustaining so we are not solely dependent on fundraisers, donations, and grants.

In order to help with this fundraiser we are selling bricks that will be used to brick the outside of La Tiendita’s walkways and patio areas.

We want all those in the community and outside to join in this fundraiser and have the opportunity to commemorate this special event in someone’s life, honor a friend or family member, or memorialize someone special.

Thank you,

Jason Hernandez
Founder and Executive Director
La Tiendita
902 Greenville Rd
McKinney, Texas 75069

La Tiendita

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