Lake Wildwood Association Inc. Old Pool Complex RedesignLake Wildwood Association Inc. Old Pool Complex Redesign

Lake Wildwood Association-Old Pool Complex Redesign


Lake Wildwood Association Inc. introduces an updated concept/rendering of the Old Pool Complex. This proposal is adjacent to the new pool complex and overlooks the basketball and tennis courts. The Old Pool Complex proposal includes:

• Three Pavilions (lighted)
• Updated Men/Women’s Bathroom
• Concrete Patio
• Sports Courts including converting 3 existing shuffleboard courts into cornhole/bags courts.
• Grills
• Remembrance Garden


The CP&A Committee is looking to raise the majority of funds privately for the entire complex as to not impact annual dues. This complex will enhance/update our existing tennis and basketball court as well as compliment the new pool. We expect the updated/renovated complex to allow members to gather and celebrate special events for years to come.


Highlighted within this complex is a Remembrance Garden where members can purchase from two different size engraved bricks. The Remembrance Garden is a wonderful way for our membership to donate to a cause which enhances the beauty of our community while recognizing loved ones. Each brick is custom engraved and will be remembered by future generations enjoying Lake Wildwood.

In addition to the Remembrance Brick Garden, the CP&A Committee is looking to our members who would be interested in naming several amenities highlighted within the old pool complex. These amenities are listed below with the donation necessary to complete the naming rights. A customized plaque is included and will be placed on/at the amenity in recognition of the donation. Amenities and donation amount are listed below:


1. Entrance Pavilion: $7,500
2. Pavilions (Two): $7,500 each
3. Sport Courts:
a. Concrete Corn hole/Bags set(Three Courts): $1,000 each
4. Benches (Six-Recycled Plastic Lumber): $1,000 each
5. Memorial Bricks up to 720 total depending on size of brick below:
a. Large Brick (8x8): $250
b. Regular Brick (4x8): $100

Our goal is to sell 500 regular bricks and 200 large bricks for the Remembrance Garden. The CP&A Committee is excited to bring this Old Pool Complex renovation to our lake community in commemoration of our Lake Wildwood 50th Celebration 2018. Thank you for your help in making Lake Wildwood the Best Lake Community…

Lake Wildwood Association Inc. Old Pool Complex RedesignLake Wildwood Association Inc. Old Pool Complex Redesign

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An exact duplicate of the brick that you are purchasing from your organization, with the addition of felt backing.
4x8 $30; 8x8 $60
Laser-printed certificate on heavy ivory paper showing your inscription on red-colored brick. $10

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