Klemmer & Associates Leaving a Legacy
Klemmer Legacy Ranch

We are paving the way to purchase the Klemmer Legacy Ranch. Through each brick or marble tile
purchase, we are one step closer to Brian Klemmerís 500 year plan to have our own Klemmer home.
By donating $200 for a personalized, engraved 4x8 red brick or $500 for an 8x8 marble tile
to the Klemmer Legacy Ranch fund, you will be part of Leaving a Legacy for future generations to enjoy.

In 1995, Brian Klemmer had a vision to create a world that works with no one left out. He began bringing leadership and personal development seminars to people all around the world. Brian had a 500 year plan. A year before he passed away in 2011, he had started actively searching for property for the next step in this plan - a Klemmer Legacy Ranch. Here, bold ethical leaders could come to be trained to take the skills they learned out into the world to share these tools with everyone - no one left out!

Today, Klemmer continues the journey to fulfill Brianís mission and vision for the future. A Klemmer Legacy Ranch property will be purchased as a place for our Klemmer graduates to attend seminars for improving communication skills, forming deeper relationships, and creating financial wealth. A safe environment where our teens come for extended, experiential learning through Klemmer tools and principles to discover the value of collaboration, communication, and contribution. It will be a Klemmer home for our families to attend seminars, to learn better communication with others and a loving understanding of themselves. A community that will embrace everyone for who they are, discovering who they truly want to become and an inviting space to come back to year after year.

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