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Our inspiration for Julie’s Jungle was based on a letter written by Natalie Keating in response to a writing assignment for her English class. Although, Julie has since died, Natalie’s wish has been the motivation for our organization. The site will have ‘rubberized’ ground cover so that children in wheelchairs will be able to move around, enjoy a sensory garden, and use play panels with Braille writing.

Here are some excerpts from Natalie’s letter to the Town of East Fishkill Recreation Director:

“Hello! I’m a twelve year old girl who is a seventh grade student at Van Wyck Jr. High School. My teacher…assigned us a project where we will be writing a letter to someone famous or someone who can make a change, so I chose to write to you. My sister, Julie, passed away in November of 2007 and she was a special needs girl. When she was still alive, my mother requested a special swing for the recreation center so my sister would have something to do. There are still so many boys and girls like my sister that just sit there while all the other kids play. Even if they want to go on the swing, for some of them it’s hard to walk on the woodchips.

“When I would play on the playground with my friends, I would be having so much fun but then I would look over to my mom and sister to see that they’d just be sitting there. My point is that I would feel guilty when I realized that Julie didn’t choose not to play, but she couldn’t because there was nothing she could do. So I am asking you if you could try to find a way to add or replace some equipment with equipment that is handicap accessible. If you do so, I believe the park will get a better a reputation because people will tell each other, “Hey! That’s the park that has equipment for average kids and special needs kids.”

Julie’s Jungle is inspired by a little girl who, without words, could bring a community together. Julie was a very special girl who touched many hearts with her laughter and smile. Like Julie, this will be a special playground for everyone. It will always make children smile. Julie reminded us that it is the simple things in life that are most important. Julie loved pictures and books; she enjoyed music, going to school, swimming, and therapeutic horseback riding. Most of all, she loved to be outside.

Julie would have liked a playground where she could be pushed in her wheelchair or could have walked independently while holding the handrails. Julie’s Jungle will provide many colors and textures for all children to experience. We would love to see a playground built without limitations for any child; this is something Julie would have wanted. Most of all, she would have enjoyed watching children do all the things they are capable of doing.

We appreciate your support to make this project happen for every child to enjoy.

~ The Keating family

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Julie’s Jungle is to create an accessible playground for all children of all abilities
to interact with family and friends.

Our Vision

• Construct a state of the art adaptive playground
• Remove all barriers, offering an opportunity for all children to play
• Strive to give all children a fulfilling, educational, and fun environment

The Playground will include:

Share Our Dream For All Children to Play. Julie’s Jungle is a not-for-profit organization raising awareness and building an adaptive playground for all children, especially those with special needs, in the Town of East Fishkill, NY.

Julie's Jungle@Lime Kiln Park, Inc.

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