We're excited to announce that our brick fundraising program, which adorned our playground sidewalks with beautiful engraved bricks last year, is back for another round of support!

Purchasing a brick for your child is not only a lovely gesture but also a symbolic one, commemorating their time at the Children's School while contributing to our school's growth and development.

This year, the funds raised will go towards some exciting projects:

🏠 Building Shed: Providing essential storage space for our equipment and supplies.

🛣 Outside benches: A crucial addition to our outdoor spaces, providing comfortable seating.

🎠 More Playground Amenities: Enhancing our playground with additional amenities to create a more engaging and enjoyable environment for our children.

Bricks are available for purchase at $120 each and will be proudly displayed at the end of the year, a lasting testament to your support and your child's journey at our school.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you're ready to order your brick. We're thrilled about the opportunity to honor your child and grateful for your continued support.

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